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Britmania is an online variety shop, your one-stop destination for unique and high-quality ART & PRINTED products. With a curated selection of hand-painted art, metal animals, pictures, printed art, and wall sculptures, we offer a wide range of options to enhance your home decor. In addition to our art collection, we also feature artificial flowers and plants, clocks, furniture, gifts & accessories, lighting, and mirrors to suit all your interior design needs. Explore our website to discover our diverse range of products and find the perfect pieces to add a touch of style and sophistication to your space. Shop with us and bring a touch of British charm into your home.

Our handpicked selection of handpainted art showcases the talent and creativity of skilled artists, providing you with unique and one-of-a-kind pieces to adorn your walls with. The metal animals on offer are intricately designed and make for eye-catching decorative accents in any room. Our range of pictures features a variety of styles and subjects, perfect for adding a personal touch to your living space. The printed art collection includes contemporary and classical pieces that will inspire and enhance your home decor. Our wall sculptures are luxurious statement pieces that bring a touch of sophistication to any room. 

In addition to our art collection, we also offer a stunning array of artificial flowers and plants that bring the beauty of nature indoors with zero maintenance required. Our clocks are not just timepieces but also stylish additions to your home decor. From furniture to gifts and accessories, Britmania has something for every taste and need. Our lighting options range from elegant chandeliers to modern floor lamps, illuminating your space with style. Lastly, our mirrors come in various shapes and sizes, serving both aesthetic and practical purposes in your home decor. Explore and discover a world of artistry and elegance for your home.