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Blackboard Calendar White

Blackboard Calendar White
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Blackboard Calendar White
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  • Model: LK833
  • Weight: 2.50kg
  • Dimensions: 34.00cm x 48.00cm x 8.00cm
  • SKU: LK833
A distressed white painted calendar and blackboard. There is a magnetic perpetual calendar at the top with magnets to highlight the day, month and year. There is a blackboard beneath to write reminders, lists or notes. Finally at the bottom there is a small tray to hold the chalk (chalk not included). All surrounded by a distressed white painted wooden frame. Perfect for the kitchen, hall or any room you need a memo board. This item is distressed painted wood. This means during the manufacturing process slight imperfections have been deliberately created. These imperfections give the item an older more ‘antique’ look than it would have if it had been made to be perfect. There may be parts of a design missing, the paint surface may have been deliberately chipped or rubbed down to expose the surface underneath or it may be slightly misshapen. These are meant to give the careworn and well used look of a much older item to a recently manufactured product. This distressed finish is not to be regarded as a fault. Measurements: 45.7 x 32.4 x 5.7cm

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